Monday, September 19, 2011

Daycare Dilemma Solved!

Since my oldest son started back to kindergarten last week his little brother has had a hard time being dropped off at daycare for his 2 days a week. It has hit me pretty hard because my kids have always been the ones who never looked back, never cried and never said goodbye. So I've been guilting myself about leaving the kid when technically I'm at home, and the drop offs have been getting harder and harder. Until last night.

I was making the boys school lunch and my little guy came down and asked for a lunchbox too. So he hopped up to the table and we packed a lunch for him. This morning the kid was so darn excited to grab his lunchbox and show his babysitter that he didn't even think twice when I said goodbye and walked out the door.

So there I go, yet another parenting dilemma solved in my house. Now if only they all could be solved with a Toy Story lunchbox.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Perpetuating the Bullcrap

One of my favourite radio stations is a local faith-based station that has an insane amount of good programming. On Sundays though, when driving home from church, I find that the station is always broadcasting shows that are spreading propaganda and talking about controversial issues that usually have no basis for reasoning. This afternoon was no different.

They brought on an "expert" in Autism, a non-medically trained woman who proceeded to spout off about how sure she is that vaccinations play a huge role in Autism Spectrum Disorder and how vaccinations for children should be stopped immediately. Thanks Jenny McCarthy.

ASD is a neurological disorder and in most children, is recognizable from a very young age although parents and doctors usually don't see it until they look in hindsight. Childhood vaccinations are not the cause of Autism, they never have been and they never will and the fact that once again, someone is advising parents not to vaccinate their children angers me to no end. You know what happens when you choose to not vaccinate your children? You place the ENTIRE population at risk for diseases that have been effectively eradicated from our society. The reason you've never had mumps? Because since everyone is vaccinated against it, we have won the war against the disease taking over our bodies. When one person, then another and another choose not to vaccinate, they have invited that disease back into our lives, putting us all at risk because of their misguided opinions and advice from non-medically trained professionals.

Stop the insanity. Stop perpetuating the bullcrap. If you have a question, talk to your doctor. Call up a pediatrician that specializes in working with ASD children. They have the answers AND the research to back it up. Don't listen to self-proclaimed "experts" for advice on issues which they have no training and no research to back up.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

These Foolish Games

This is a copy of my facebook rant about the silly breast cancer game going around:

Your "naughty" status, pretending to be pregnant and craving something, is NOT doing anything about raising awareness of breast cancer. It's a game that makes you giggle because you wonder how many people will catch on to it or how many people you will trick. How about taking a moment to feel for the friends you have who cannot get pregnant or who have become infertile BECAUSE of their cancer treatments and go do something that'll really help the cause like donating money to Run for the Cure.

Thankfully, it got some discussion going and hopefully opened a few peoples eyes about why these games are not helping the cause and helping to find a cure for breast cancer. In the process, it's hurting many women who couldn't get pregnant and confusing people who are mistakenly thinking these pregnancy statuses are real.

Let's find a REAL way to kick cancer's butt.