Thursday, August 16, 2012

We Love Teens!

Last year, we brought a fabulous party to 50 deserving teens. Christmas gifts, a concert, food, shopping... 50 Teens 4 Christmas had it all.

FoodLove loves ROOF and we want to support them on a long term basis so this year we're back at it with a special fundraiser called Keep Them Warm. FoodLove is currently searching for the best and brightest volunteers and community builders in Waterloo Region to help us raise money for ROOF again this Christmas.

Contact us if you want to be involved in this special fundraiser; whether it is speaking in schools and businesses, selling our fundraiser items at local events or businesses who are willing to display our fundraising info in their stores.

Let's help out these kids and ROOF by making this Christmas extra special!

Friday, August 3, 2012

End Of An Era

Baking has defined me for a long time. It has been a dream come true to bake professionally and I never in a million years thought I would walk away from it.

But things change. Life changes. Sometimes, you have a million tasks on your plate and something's gotta give. I was balancing cake making, cooking parties and corporate team building events in my business along with a family and 20 hours of volunteer work a week. When I sat down and decided that it was time to simplify, cake creation was the clear frontrunner to be dropped.

I love it. I always will. And somehow I believe that I may end doing more baking than before, but it'll be on my own terms now. I have incredible customers who have sustained my business, stretched my creativity and honoured me by including me in their celebrations. However, any cake maker will tell you that it's not a glamourous job. And even worse, at the end of the day, we often make under $5/hour. Not exactly easy to raise a family on.

So here I sit, as my final wedding cupcake order is patiently waiting to be finished and I feel relief. This year, as both my children are in school, I will become a full-time volunteer. I will work part-time AND I will prepare myself for a new chapter... one that includes returning to school next September and God-willing, full-time work in the NFP sector.

It's a good thing.

*If you were a NOURISH customer, I thank you. I love you. I appreciate you. You helped me make my dream of professional baking possible and it is because you were all so good to me that I am able to take this next step in my journey.*