Saturday, September 15, 2012

Phil Noelting - The 1-Minute Education

We've all been there. We've started a new job, we're working our butts off and wondering if anyone notices. We work and work and work and eventually, because we think no one notices or no one cares we start to slip. Really, do you clean your house as well on a regular Saturday as you do on a Saturday when you're expecting guests? I didn't think so.

Phil Noelting emphasizes what we already know as workers but sometimes forget as leaders... feedback is crucial. Here's the kicker though, it's not just your boss that needs to give feedback, it's you too. Regardless of whether we want to admit it or not, we are all role models to someone. As parents, we are role models to our own children and the children around us by association. A grade 12 student is a role model to a 9th grader. As we sit on the bus, we are role models to the people around us. Business leaders become role models for entrepreneurs, students and their team members. If you are out in the community, you are being looked at. Everything you do reflects on yourself and the legacy your are leaving in this world.

So now that we know that we are all role models and we all have something to share we return to the first point. Feedback. Whether we are in a work, volunteer or social situation, it is imperative that we give feedback.

feedback |ˈfēdˌbak|
 information about reactions to a product, a person's performance of a task, etc., used as a basis for improvement.

Feedback can be both positive and negative and often should be both, using positive feedback as a qualifier for negative (or constructive) feedback. i.e. "John, I loved your use of visual graphing during your presentation however I feel that there were too many graphs to keep track of."

Phil teaches us that our feedback, however brief, and in whatever context, is used as part of a person's 1-minute education, and that education can be invaluable throughout our life. He spoke specifically of the value of feedback from our peers and other respected figures and the precedence it carries over feedback of our inner circle (i.e. Of course my Mom is going to say I look great today, she's my Mom!).

Build feedback into your day-to-day life, make it a point to notice and comment, always make your feedback constructive (build people up), know the right times to use it and don't overuse your influence.

Share what you know and be part of someone's 1-minute education. - Phil Noelting

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Phil Noelting is the founder of Qwalify Inc. He's a Superhero in the business world, helping businesses increase efficiency in sourcing, selecting, hiring and retaining employees. You can find Phil on twitter @pnoelting

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